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>Tribes Vengeance Conversion Pack<

Tribes Vengeance Conversion Pack

By: TE-Krogoth
Email: [email protected]

This is a conversion pack for Starsiege Tribes.  It will add new models to make your game look more like Tribes Vengeance.
There are two version of this pack.  One is for Hudbot users, and the other is for non-Hudbot users.  The Hudbot version has extra skins for buildings.

Hudbot Edition: ~40 mb
Non-Hudbot Edition: ~13 mb

Do NOT change the names of the .bmp files or Tribes will crash when you use the model.

If you wish to use the Vulcan with the ripcord, you will have to skin it yourself.
If you wish to use the Flag, you will have to skin it yourself.

The Skins folder has all the skins in an editable format incase you want to modify them or use them for Hudbot.
Included are T:V skins for hudbot.

Move all the .bmp and .dts files into your Base folder. (ie C:\Dynamix\TRIBES\Base)
If you want to use the T:V skins, move them from the TV_Hudbot folder and put them in the correct HudBot folder.
If you want to use the Flag or Mine in Tribes, you will need to get a CRC Bypass.
The Inventory_Sta.dts and AmmoUnit.dts do not work unless you are hosting a server. If you try and join a server with them in, you will crash.

Special Thanks To:
TE-Noxwizard for palletizing all the skins, including the T:V Hudbot ones. And for letting me use his computer to rip the models.
RobinDegen for helping me get 3DS Max 2.5 to work.
SINISTER for finding 3DS Max 2.5.
Whoever made the T:V Hudbot skins.

Programs Used:
3DS Max 8
3DS Max 2.5
PhotoShop CS2
3D Ripper DX (used to rip the models from Tribes Vengeance)
NVIDIA .dds Plugin for PhotoShop CS2

If you would like to learn how to make your own models/skins, please look here:

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me.

(C) Copyright The Exiled 2004-2007.
(C) Copyright Dynamix 1998-2007.
(C) Copyright Vivendi Games 2007.
(C) Copyright Sierra 1979-2007.

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