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Amendment I

Article I: If an admin makes a decision on a server, then our clan will respect it because it is for the greater good (even if it isn't).

Article II: If someone gets banned he/she will post/e-mail/IM the leader of the clan saying his/her sincerest apologies. (You will need to send the admins on the fourm a direct copy of this PM/e-mail).

Amendment II

Article I: Our server will always have team damage on.

Amendment III

Article I: All members that have not posted on the site with in a month will be removed from our clan.

>Server Rules<

For the main part, we don't have many rules, but the ones we do have, we hold you responsible for them:

  1. NO TKing or BKing ever allowed (unless accidental, and you must apologize)
  2. The admins are always right DON'T ARGUE
  3. If the admins are wrong look at rule 2
  4. If an admin abuses his power, report it at our forum
  5. If you don't like the rules don't play on our server
  6. If it's in the server it's legal
  7. Don't abuse OS Launchers
  8. Don't put lasers in the jails
  9. If someone TK's you or BK's your base and an admin is not around notify one
  10. We will try our best to keep morons off of our servers, but we can not watch them 24/7

>Member/Future Recruits Rules<

We only have a few guidelines:

  1. Come to practice
  2. If you canít show up, contact a leader BEFORE THE PRACTICE BEGINS
  3. If you donít show up to practice(s) you may be demoted
  4. Promotions come around, DONíT ASK WHEN YOU WILL BE PROMOTED
  5. Look over our hierarchy(ranks), server rules, and website rules
  6. Too much absence can mean an irresponsible person, so we will take your tag
  7. Too much absence can mean your not a reliable person to get to a noble stand point
  8. If you think we need a rule or need to be more relaxed on a certain rule, e-mail a king, we will consider all comments
  9. And lastly, just have fun, we know thereís more to life than Tribes, so leave an e-mail, it makes everyoneís life easier


  1. NO PROFANITY on e-mail to kings (if you do, it will have consequences)
  2. We have forums; we don't want profanity on it 
  3. On Xfire, no PROFANITY

That's it people 3, rules I think we are reasonable.

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