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>The Exiled's Downloads<

>TE Stuff<

TE Skins
All clan members should have these at all times get them here.

**NEW** A new TE skin has been added (made by TE-4ev3r and TE-Reativ) so TE now has 2 skins I want all members to get both. Click here for the second skin.

Alternate skin links. Skin1. Skin2.

Installation for skins is done by placing the skin (a .vol file) in Tribes/Base/Skins.

TE Map Packs
TE Map Pack 1
TE Map Pack 2

>Tribes Files<

Noxwizard's Tribes
This is a patched version of Tribes to 1.11.  It is zipped, and requires no administrative privileges to install.  Presto and NewOpts pre-installed, Vista/7 fix included.
Tribes 83 Mb

Noxwizard's Tribes (Installer)
This is a patched version of Tribes to 1.11.  This is compatible with Vista/7. Presto and NewOpts pre-installed.
Tribes 64 Mb

Look in the bottom right hand corner there is a version 1.8, 1.9 so on and so forth click here to upgrade your tribes with patches
Tribes Updates

Presto and New Opts
These are two must have programs.  They make your Tribes work better.
New Opts  

Last Hope 1.30
If you wish to play on servers that run Tribes v1.30, then you will need this.  It is suggested that you make a back-up of your original Tribes.exe before you put this in.  This can also be used to host servers with, and will stop most hacks/cheats.
Last Hope 1.30

Tribes Vista Fixes
If you use Windows Vista, and you can't play Tribes, you need one of files below.  You can either use the T1 Vista.exe or one of the mem.dll files.  Only one is needed.  Andrew's mem.dll also includes the feature of being able to see IFF's while you're in Observer Mode.
T1 Vista.exe by NoFiX
Vista Mem.dll by NoFiX
Vista Mem.dll by Andrew
Vista LastHope 1.30.exe by NoFiX
For more information, visit:


Another great program to have is X-fire.  It shows you where your friends are at, and will take you directly to the server that they are at.  You can also use it to talk to them.

TeamSpeak 2
This is a program that actually lets you "talk" to people.  It requires a microphone so that you can talk, but if you do not have one, you can still listen.  In order to get into our channel, you will need to read about this in our forum.
TeamSpeak 2 for Windows 5.8 Mb
TeamSpeak 2 for Linux 7.52 Mb


Annihilation Mods
Annihilation 1.0 (Never before seen!)
Annihilation 1.31
Annihilation 2.1
Annihilation 2.3  (encrypted)
Annihilation 3.0 Beta (Patched)

Annihilation Patches
Admin patch for Annihilation 2.x

All other mods can be found here:
Mods Database 


Tribes Document List
This is a list of EVERY file in Tribes and the Annihilation 2.1 mod.  Some of these files are located in .vol files and you will need a special program to open them.
Tribes Volumes List.xls  Requires Excel

Tribes Utilities
DoSFiX  Program used to host dedicated servers, and prevents servers from being DOS attacked.  Highly suggested if hosting dedicated.
GUI Scripters Notes  Shows you how to make GUIs with NewOpts.
Original Scripting Document  Scripting document provided by Sierra/Dynamix
Plobe  Server administration program
Skin Maker Kit  Tools needed to make a skin. Instructions not included.
Skin Tools Lite  The very least you need to make player skins. Instructions not included.
Tribal IDE  Program that can be used to edit .cs files.  Tribes 1 & 2 editor.
Tribes Script Programming  Scripting instructions by Vage.
Tribes Tools  Various Tribes tools bundled into one program.
Dynamix™ Tribes Tools Toolkit  Various Tribes tools released by the developers.  
Visual VT  Creates .vol files
WinVol  Used to open .vol files

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