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=**TE**= KINGS - these are the founding fathers and admins of our site and server


=^TE^= NOBLES - these are our second in command and most trusted.  150 points


=+TE+= LORDS - high Ranking officials in the clan.  100 points


=TE= BARON - protectors of our nobles and kings.  75 points


=(TE)= ASSASSINS - these members are skilled with all the weapons.  50 points


=|TE|=KNIGHTS - these are our third in command and this class can recruit people to our clan.  25 points


-|TE|- SQUIRES - these are our apprentices they go through training and learn from the knights and barons. 10 points


|TE| PAGE - these are our new recruits who who one day will grow to be nobles.  0 points


<TE> PEASANTS - these are our demoted class of TE. Our members either on probation for wrong doing or ones who do not cooperate.

Special Ranks (only answer to the kings) =*TE*=

Pheasant - Information gatherer
Black Knight - Most trusted knight
Advisor - Comments about our sites and has high influence on kings
High Wizard - High ranking noble
Paladin - A trusted military leader
General -
A powerful military leader

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