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Welcome to The Exiled's Web Site.

     Clan TE started off as an idea and soon rolled up into a fairly large clan. The Exiled's founders were Krogoth, Pengwin, and Noxwizard. With their many skills they soon grew this idea into a large and prosperous clan. Also with the help of the Senior Member and the First Recruit the clan grew bigger by the day. The First Recruit Tatonka had joined the clan while it was still an idea and helped a lot with the recruiting. TE is a neutral clan and will not choose sides. We try as hard as possible to stay neutral in all Clan affairs Domestic and Foreign. Welcome to Clan TE's website and we hope you enjoy your stay. Also if you're looking for a clan why not join us click here. Be sure to stop by our forums and say hi.

The Leaders
Krogoth, Noxwizard, Pengwin


On November 30, Starsiege: Tribes will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. In honor of this momentous occasion, we have set up an Annihilation server for this month. Please feel free to jump on and have a good time.

Many thanks to Anarchy for giving us the space to set up a server on his infrastructure.


The Exiled is proud to present The Exiled's Tribes Wiki. This is a work in progress, but we hope to document everything Tribes related in one central location. We have pages created for all 19 of the games in the Tribes universe, and we plan to go deeper into each one. Tribes has a lot of lore surrounding it, and we want to make this wiki the best it can be, and we would greatly appreciate your help.

In order to make changes to the wiki, you must be registered on our forum. Just log into the forum, and then go to the wiki, this is to prevent bots from destroying the wiki.


We have updated the library with scripts, sounds, and textures for Tribes 1.40. We currently have 24 scripts, 47 skins, a pack of 523 player skins, 11 sounds, and of course, a 1.40 game download. All of the scripts work; they were all tested and some were modified so that they actually work now.

Link to the 1.40 Section:


The Exiled is proud to present The Exiled's File Library. Thanks to the efforts of Anarchy, Krogoth, and Noxwizard, this is the largest collection of Tribes files on the internet, with a total of 2269 files. Including, 900 maps, 417 mods, 263 scripts, 567 skins, 30 sounds, 9 total conversions, 29 updates/patches, and 54 utilities. Every file uploaded was checked to make sure it was not corrupt or a virus. The Tribes Toolkits give a false positive with missionlighting.exe, nothing to worry about.

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