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Post Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:09 pm    Post subject: TA Broadside Released

Brace yourself for the nostalgia, it's Broadside! It's finally done, and I uploaded a video of what it looks like. Please don't critique too hard on the videography, I've never made map showcases or montages. I'm just trying to show you what the map looks like.

I ended up making it a CTFBlitz map because of the nature of TA's gameplay. However, the 4th flag location is the one used in Blastside, and the final flag location is the true Broadside flag location. Some other minor changes I added, to make the map more noob friendly, because this is TA, are extra inventory stations placed upstairs by the chute that goes up to the top lobby. Most mappers usually added inventories there anyway. I also added two repair stations in the gen room, one of each side of the two doors that come from the top area.

I tried to put two generators in, however, TA isn't designed to support more than one generator. What happens is when you blow up one generator, it thinks the power is down, there's no way to tell it there's another one online. If someone can tell me how to change that via Kismet, let me know and I will.

Elevators! I have working elevators, they are linked to the gen, so if the gen is offline, they stop. They will also crush you.

I also added an extra Broaside base, floating outside of the bounds, it's the original base, original textures, just for extra feels. I thought about adding in the Crossfire ship opposite from it to have the old and the new, but I didn't want to add more stuff in.

I updated the BaseAssets package in our file library. Everything works like it should. Thanks to Kate for her help with letting me know how it should work. We had to change some of the code to get them to work in the UDK editor and in-game.

For more info on hosting a server, joining a server, making a map, etc, look here: ... Ascend/SDK

Special Thanks to:
Noxwizard, Braveskin, Archness, Altimor, Fixious, and HirezKate.

http://library.theexiled.pwnageservers. ... hp?id=2959

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