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Post Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 4:51 pm    Post subject: Exosquad [dub]

The year: 2150. The place: Earth, along with the terra formed colonies of Mars and Venus, which comprise the Homeworld's. During this time human civilization is ushered into a new age of prosperity where interstellar space travel and cloning is possible. In order to sustain this flourishing growth, Humans must rely heavily on mineral resources to power its technological backbone. This leads in the creation of a genetically engineered race – the next stage in evolution: Neosapiens. Neosapiens are stronger, larger, faster, and more intelligent then their Human brethren, all while requiring little nourishment and no sleep.

Immediately after creation these Neosapiens are enslaved and put to work on the harsh mining world of Mars. The Neosapiens sue for equality with fellow humans, but when their pleas go unanswered, they erupt in violent revolution.

Initially, the insurrection is successful due to the physical superiority and strength in numbers of the Neosapiens. Just when the Neosapiens appear victorious, the first of the prototype E-Frames appear - powerful, human-powered mechs wielding a devastating array of weapons capable of giving one man the firepower of an entire platoon. With the advent of the E-Frame the Neosapien revolution is easily squashed, ending the First Neosapien War. The dispirited Neosapiens are forced to endure the harsh treatments and prejudices of their Human masters and the humiliation of being defeated by a genetically inferior race. Disillusioned and dispirited, the Neosapiens elect a new leader, Phaeton, who promises to reconcile Human and Neosapien differences and release the Neosapiens from the chains of bondage. But instead of peaceful coexistence, Phaeton diverts funds from the reconstruction of Mars into building a secretive and massive military arm ready to crush the Human race once and for all.

The only thing standing in way of Phaeton and his destiny is the presence of the Exo-Fleet. Insidiously, Phaeton convinces the Homeworlds Congress to launch the entire Fleet on a campaign to wipe out the distant Pirate Clans (former prisoners sent to the outer planets) whose raids on interstellar commerce have been growing with alarming frequency. With the Exo-Fleet off fighting against the bandits, Phaeton executes his attack with alarming ferocity and accuracy. The Homeworld's citizens are caught totally unprepared for the nightmarish hell that Phaeton mercilessly unleashes. Seemingly striking everywhere at once, the Neosapiens E-Frames and Fighters overwhelm the Human's defense grids; within days the Homeworlds Congress is forced to surrender. Phaeton is given complete control of the Homeworlds, enslaving the Humans as the new second-class citizens. Humanity's only hope lies with the Exo-Fleet, but will even this armada be enough against Phaeton and his unstoppable military? Thus begins the Second Neosapien War.

Exosquad 1-52 Low Quality
File size: 36 mb

Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04
Episode 05
Episode 06
Episode 07
Episode 08
Episode 09
Episode 10
Episode 11
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Episode 14
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