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Post Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2009 10:00 am    Post subject: Astro Boy (2003) [dub]

Tetsuwan Atom is a Robot that resembles a child, he also has a child`s emotions and a child`s curiosity. Which assists him into getting into all kinds of trouble.

This is not your average kiddy anime, it does make the Man-Machine debate rather simplistic, but its advocation of pacifism makes it an anime to be pondered, as well as enjoyed.

Type TV Series, 50 episodes
Year 06.04.2003 till 28.03.2004
Categories Action, Mecha, SciFi, Super Power[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_01.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_02.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_03.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_04.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_05.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_06.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_07.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_08.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_09.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_10.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_11.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_12.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_13.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_14.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_15.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_16.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_17.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_18.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_19.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_20.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_21.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_22.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_23.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_24.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_25.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_26.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_27.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_28.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_29.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_30.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_31.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_32.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_33.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_34.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_35.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_36.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_37.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_38.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_39.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_40.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_41.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_42.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_43.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_44.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_45.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_46.mkv[ILA]_Astro_Boy_2003_-_47.mkv[ILA] Astro Boy 2003 - 48.mkv[ILA] Astro Boy 2003 - 49.mkv[ILA] Astro Boy 2003 - 50.mkv

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