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Post Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:51 am    Post subject: Storm Hawks [dub]

Storm Hawks is set in a fictional world called Atmos, a largely mountainous world consisting of scattered landmasses known as terras. Because of the geography, travel is largely dependent on flight. The technology of Atmos is based around energy-generating crystals, used to power the various devices in the series. Patrolling the skies of Atmos are the Sky Knights, groups of warriors who pilot motorcycle-like vehicles that can semi-transform into flying machines. These warriors are loosely managed by the Sky Council.

In the back story of the series, an evil overlord named Master Cyclonis threatened Atmos. The original Storm Hawks led the Sky Knights in a battle against them, but were betrayed by one of their own, the Dark Ace. Despite this, the attack was apparently successful, though the Storm Hawks did not survive the battle. Years later, the main characters of the series stumble upon the wreckage of the Storm Hawks' carrier, the Condor, and unofficially take on the Storm Hawks name in the hopes of becoming Sky Knights themselves, despite not being old enough to even legally fly the vehicle.Their youth defeats their ambition, however, as neither friend nor foe take them seriously because of it.

This changes when they are brought into conflict with a new Master Cyclonis, one no older than they are but still just as dangerous. Among her followers are the Dark Ace, now famous for his betrayal and unmatched skill; Snipe, a mace-wielding strong man with a fondness for smashing things; and Ravess, an archer who brings a violin-playing henchman into battle for theme music. By managing to foil Cyclonis' plan, they are recognized by their peers.

These are direct download links. Links taken from

Season 1
Episode 1&2-Age of Heroes-
Episode 3-Gale Force Winds-
Episode 4-The Code-
Episode 5-Tranquility Now-
Episode 6-Best Friends forever-
Episode 7-Black Gorge-
Episode 8-Absolute Power-
Episode 9- Velocity-
Episode 10- Fire and Ice-
Episode 11- King for a Day-
Episode 12- Terra Deep-
Episode 13- Storm Warning-
Episode 14- A little Trouble-
Episode 15- Thunder Run-
Episode 16- Escape-
Episode 17- Forbidden City-
Episode 18-Leviathan-
Episode 19- Infinity -
Episode 20- Terra Neon-
Episode 21- Storm Hawks Seven-
Episode 22-Talon Academy-
Episode 23- Siren's song-
Episode 24- Calling all Domos-
Episode 25- The Lesson-
Episode 26- Dude where's my Condor -

Season 2
Season 2


Episode 1- The Masked Masher-
Episode 2- Atmos Most Wanted-
Episode 3- Stratosphere-
Episode 4- The Last Stand-
Episode 5- Life with Lugey-
Episode 6- what got into Finn-
Episode 7- Royal Twist-
Episode 8- Second Chances-
Episode 9- Radarr Love-
Episode 10- Scout's Honor-
Episode 11- Sky's End-
Episode 12- Five days-
Episode 13- Energy Crisis-
Episode 14-Dark waters-
Episode 15- Number one Fan-
Episode 16-Colonel of truth-
Episode 17- Shipwrecked-
Episode 18- Power Grab-
Episode 19- Movie Night-
Episode 20- Origins-
Episode 21- The Ultra Dudes-
Episode 22-A Wallop For All Seasons-
Episode 23-Payback-
Episode 24-The Key-
Episode 25-Cyclonia Rising (Part 1)-
Episode 26-Cyclonia Rising (Part 2)-

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