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Post Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2007 2:36 pm    Post subject: Medabots

The series stars a boy named Ikki Tenryou, who wants to become a champion of the World Robattle Tournament. At first, Ikki is not able to afford a top-of-the-line Medabot and his parents refuse to buy one for him in fear of it having it stolen by thieves, but he is able to scrape together a small amount of money to buy an outdated model, called a KBT. With a bit of luck, his dog Salty finds a medal, which is essentially the Medabot equivalent of a soul, in the park. Ikki quickly inserts it into the KBT he purchased. This Medabot becomes his partner in the Robattles he fights. The only problem is that the Medal they found is actually a 'rare' Medal, stolen and then accidentally dropped by the Phantom Renegade. 'Rare' Medals are powerful ancient artifacts that were discovered by scientists and paleontologists. However, this is brought up later in the series.

The 'rare' Medal that Ikki gives his KBT has a severe attitude problem, an attribute never seen in Medabots, who are usually very loyal. Throughout the series however Ikki and his Medabot, Metabee learn to work together the two share an unbreakable bond that helps them rise in the Robattling World.

Season 1 & 2
File format: .mkv
Average Size: 220MB
Audio: English

Thses are direct download links, you will need VLC or CCCP to watch.

1.Stung by a Metabee
2.Return of the Screws
3.Running Scared
4.The Legendary Metafighter
5.The Old Man and the Sea Monster
6.The Gimme Ghost
7.Cyandog Bites Back
8.For Better or Worse Part 1
9.For Better or Worse Part 2
10.Mystery Medabot
11.Phantom Renegade Unmasked
12.Ban All Medabots
13Meet Your Meda-Maker
14.The Spy who Robattled Me
15.I Dream of Hushi
16.Metabee vs. Rokusho
17.Use the Metaforce
18.Fifteen Minutes of Shame
19.Enter Rintaro
20.The Ace From Outer Space
21.Me And my Shadow Sword
22.Dude, Where's My Ma
23.X-Treme Measures
24.The Road to Ruins
25.Operative Kever Chaos
26.The Mother of all Robattles
27.Spaceship Superstars
28.For Love or Robattle
29.Dance with the Mantis
30.Once Frostbitten Twice Shy
31.Robattle Bridge
32.No Body, No Home
33.Welcome to Ninja World
34.Eat, Drink, Man, Medabot
35.There's Something About Miss Mimosa
36.The Birds and the Metabees
37.Skyward, Yo!
38.Love at First Bite
39.Heavy Medal
40.Let the Meda-Games Begin
41.Pixies and Pirates
42.The French Deception
43.Space Medaballerina
44.Swede and Sour
45.Future's Past
46.The Medaforce Within
47.A Date with Destiny
48.Calm Before the Storm
49.Taking the Victor out of Victory
50.Altered States
51.Walking to A Dream
52.Metabee's Last Stand

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