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Post Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2007 8:48 am    Post subject: Transformers: Beast Wars

The series begins with two groups of robots from the planet 'Cybertron' who crash-land their ships, the Axalon and the transwarp-equipped Darkside, on a mysterious planet after plunging from a time/space phenomenon created by the transwarp device during their battle in space. It is learned that the Axalon's mission was exploration, while the Darkside was lead by Megatron and his forces who, with the aid of the stolen transwarp drive and artifacts known as the Golden Disks, had gone rogue as a splinter group of Predacons on a hunt for powerful crystals, known as Energon, to be used in a ploy for power and dominance. Optimus Primal was the leader of the Maximal team stranded on what is later discovered to be Ancient Earth and Megatron was the leader of the Predacons team. (The factions themselves were ruled by the Maximal Elders and Tripredacus Council respectively). The conflict between the two teams of Transformers was deemed "The Beast Wars".

The two main factions of robot Transformers are descendants of the two main factions in the original cartoon series: the Maximals are the descendants of the Autobots and the Predacons are the descendants of the Decepticons. The names were intended to stem from the terms Mammal and Predator but were not necessarily consistent with the alternate forms of the Transformers. The planet they land on is soon found to be rich in deposits of raw Energon, to the point that it proves to be poisonous to their robot forms, necessitating the need for acquiring alternate forms to take on until their robot forms are truly needed, such as in times of combat. This process works by first conducting a scan of the immediate area for a beast form to acquire, as organic tissue is immune to the the deleterious effect of the energon fields. Though the planet is foreign to both teams of Transformers, the beast forms they discover and adopt are recognizable animals that include a gorilla, a cheetah, a rhino, a rat, dinosaurs, arachnids and insects.

Language: English

These are direct download links.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Season 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Beast Wars[Part 1]
Beast Wars[Part 2]
The Web
Equal Measures
Chain of Command
Power Surge
Fallen Comrades
Double Jeopardy
A Better Mouse Trap
Gorilla Warfare
The Probe
Dark Designs
Double Dinobot.
The Spark
The Trigger[Part 1]
The Trigger[Part 2]
Spiders Game
Call of the Wild
Dark Voyage
The Low Road
Law of the Jungle
The Low Road
Law of the Jungle
Before the Storm
Other Voices [Part 1]
Other Voices [Part 2]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Season 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Coming of the Fuzors (Part 1)
Coming of the Fuzors (Part 2)
Tangled Web
Maximal No More
Other Visits (Part 1)
Other Visits (Part 2)
Bad Spark
Code of Hero
The Agenda (Part 1)
The Agenda (Part 2)
The Agenda (Part 3)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Season 2 Special Features~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Special Features 201 - Character Models 1
Special Features 202 - Character Models 2
Special Features 203 - Character Models 3
Special Features 204 - Character Models 4
Special Features 205 - Character Models 5

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Season 3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Optimal Situation
Deep Metal
Changing of the Guard
Cutting Edge
Feral Scream (Part 1)
Feral Scream (Part 2)
Proving Grounds
Go With the Flow
Crossing the Rubicon
Master Blaster
Other Victories
Nemesis (Part 1)
Nemesis (Part 2)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Season 3 Special Features~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Special Features 301 - Nemesis Part 2 Deleted Scene

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