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Post Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 1:56 pm    Post subject: Pokemon: Season 8: Advanced Battles [dub]

Season 8 (Ep. 369-421): Advanced Battles
Langauge: English Dub

366-Clamperl Of Wisdom
367-The Relicant Really Can
368-The Evolutionary War
369-Training Wrecks
370-Gaining Groudon
371-The Scuffle Of Legends
372-It's Still Rocket Roll To Me
373-Solid As A Solrock
375-Vanity Affair
376-Where's Armaldo
377-A Cacturne For The Worse
378-Claydol Big And Tall
379-Once In A Mawile
380-Beg, Burrow And Steal
381-Absol-ute Disaster | Mirror
382-Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snorunt |Mirror
383-Do I Hear A Ralts | Mirror
384-The Great Eight Fate | Mirror
385-Eight Aint Enough
386-Showdown At Linoone
387-Who What When Where Wynaut
388-Date Expectations
389-Mean With Envy
390-Pacifidlog Jam
391-Berry Berry Interesting
392-Less Is Morrison
393-The Ribon Cup Caper
394-Hi Ho Silver Wind
396-Deciet And Assist | Mirror
397-Rhapsody In Drew | Mirror
398-Island Times
399-Like A Meowth To A Flame |
400-Saved By The Beldum
401-From Brags To Riches
402-Shocks And Bonds | Mirror
403-A Judgement Brawl
404-Choose It Or Lose It | Mirror | Mirror
405-At The End Of The Fray
406-The Scheme Team
407-The Right Place At The Right Mime
408-A Real Cleffa Hanger
409-Numero Uno Articuno | Mirror
410-The Symbol Of Life
411-Hooked On Onyx
412-Rough, Tough Jigglypuff
413-On Cloud Arcanine
414-Sitting Psyduck | Mirror
415-Hail To The Chef
416-Caterpies Big Dilemma
417-The Saffron Con
418-A Hurdle For Squirtle
419-Pasta La Vista

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