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Post Posted: Tue May 08, 2007 5:16 pm    Post subject: Oban Star Racers [dub]

The series follows the face-off between the greatest pilots in the
universe for "The Ultimate Prize" - a chance to have their deepest
wish granted by the powerful Avatar, the mysterious organizer of the race.

The Avatar can grant the winner any thing: serving the galaxy on a plate or
bringing a loved one back to life. For the Human Coalition, whose very existence
is being threatened by their aggressive neighbors, the Crogs, victory is vital.
Nothing short of a miracle can save it from total annihilation.

Too bad the Earth`s Team #1 pilot was victim of a terrible sabotage minutes
before the start of the race. With no other champion available within a 25
light-year radius, MOLLY, an unpredictable young girl pilot, and her gung-ho
co-pilot JORDAN, are Earth`s unexpected hope of victory...

Alternative Title:
ban Star Racers (French)
Oban, Star-Racers

Audio: English
Format: AVI
Size: ~ 175 MB
Total # of Episodes: 26
Anime Encoding Group: "-=#SOLO#=-"?
Uploader: Baby Naruto (Episodes 1-26) & Ragnawind (Episode 7 Mirror)
Upload Host: MegaUpload

Episodes 01 & 02: A Fresh Start & Hostilities Break Out (350.14 MB)
Episode 03: Grave Like Grooor
Episode 04: In Like Flint (174.91 MB)
Episode 05: Cruel Like Ceres (175.04 MB)
Episode 06: Playful Like Para-dice (175.09 MB)
Episode 07: Treacherous Like Toros | Ragnawind's Mirror (Both are 174.98 MB)
Episode 08: Agile Like Aikka (175.23 MB)
Episode 09: Surprising Like Super-Racer (174.96 MB)
Episode 10: Resistant Like Rush (175.13 MB)
Episode 11: Silent Like Spirit (175.02 MB)
Episode 12: The Will to Win (175.09 MB)
Episode 13: Make Way! (174.93 MB)
Episode 14: Welcome to Oban (174.96 MB)
Episode 15: Fierce Like Lord Furter (174.91 MB)
Episode 16: Nervous Like Ning and Skun (175.1 MB)
Episode 17: Optimised Like Ondai (174.99 MB)
Episode 18: Monstrous Like Muir (175.04 MB)
Episode 19: The Origin of the World (175.14 MB)
Episode 20: Secret Like Sul (175.09 MB)
Episode 21: Ominous Like O (174.98 MB)
Episode 22: Revelations (175.11 MB)
Episode 23: Cruel Like Kross (175.15 MB)
Episode 24: Canaletto's Revenge (174.99 MB)
Episode 25: Unlikely Alliances (175.1 MB)
Episode 26: The Moment of Truth (175.11 MB)

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