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Post Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 8:47 pm    Post subject: Tokyo Underground [dual audio]

Under the capital city of Tokyo, Japan, there exists a large, vast, and unknown world known as Underground. There, people known as Elemental Users exist; people who have the ability to control the elements: Fire, Water, Lightning, Magnetism, Freeze, etc. Meet Rumina Asagi and his best friend Ginnosuke Isuzu, two average high school freshmen who reside in Tokyo. When they meets Gravity User, Chelsea Rorec, and the Miko of Life, Ruri Sarasa, their whole life changes into one big adventure.

Audio Tracks: English & Japanese
Subtitle Track: English
File Format: MKV
Average File Size: 85 MB
Total Number of Episodes: 26
Encoder Group: Vision-Anime
Series Production Year: 2002

Episode List

Episode 1: - Surface - The Fateful Encounter
Episode 2: - Resurrection - The Maiden of Life
Episode 3: - The Awakening - When the Wind Blows
Episode 4: - Full Moon - Ruri`s Wish
Episode 5: - Fight - The Two Water Users
Episode 6: - Training and Resolve
Episode 7: - Charges into the Underground
Episode 8: - The Traps Hidden in the Darkness
Episode 9: - The Spirit Gun - To Fight Together
Episode 10: - The Revenge of the Water User
Episode 11: - Fight to the Death - Beyond the Hatred
Episode 12: - The Insubordination - Escape into the Light
Episode 13: - The Promise of the Ribbons
Episode 14: - The Assassins of Tower Gate
Episode 15: - Raid - The Broken Bonds
Episode 16: - The Unforgettable Tragedy
Episode 17: - Fighting for Her Smile
Episode 18: - Wind Blowing Away the Tears
Episode 19: - Frustration - Unfulfilled Desire
Episode 20: - The Trap of the Magnet Users
Episode 21: - Slums - The Town of Traitors
Episode 22: - Invitation to Killing Fields
Episode 23: - Battle - Toward the Zenith
Episode 24: - Reason - Treacherous Flame
Episode 25: - Collapse - Tormented Mind
Episode 26: - Toward the Light - United Ambitions

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