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Post Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:12 pm    Post subject: Digimon Data Squad [dub][sub]

A fourteen year old boy, Masaru Daimon, an undefeated street fighter, meets Agumon, who has escaped from DATS, a secret government organization set up to defend the human world from invading wild Digimon. After fighting one another, the two quickly become friends, and through a series of events, are inducted into DATS, where they hope to grow in strength. Masaru's team-mates include Tohma, a young prodigy, and his partner Gaomon, and Yoshino
and her partner Lalamon. As the series unfolds, so do more mysteries, including
the mysterious ruler of a location in the Digital World, Mercurimon, and the
human boy Ikuto, who serves him. In addition, DATS discovers that Digimon
respond to the "darkness" in humans, putting DATS at odds with
monsters who seek to use humanity's own vices to bolster their own power.

Alternative Title
Digimon Savers

Format: .avi
Size: ~170mb
Language: English Dub

Episode 1: There Are Monsters Among Us! [C-W]
Episode 2: Marcus' Inner Strength! [C-W]
Episode 3: The Return of Thomas![C-W]
Episode 4: The New Team of Marcus and Thomas[C-W]
Episode 5: Digital World, Here We Come![C-W]
Episode 6: The Ultimate Team No More[C-W]
Episode 7: A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget![C-W]
Episode 8: The Singer's Secret[C-W]
Episode 9: Never Meet Your Heroes[C-W]
Episode 10: Curse This Curse: Marcus's Bad Day[C-W]
Episode 11: The Vile of Vilemon![C-W]
Episode 12: The Digi-Egg That Fell to Earth[C-W]
Episode 13: The Rise of RizeGreymon[C-W]
Episode 14: The Wild Boy of the Digital World[C-W]
Episode 15: The Gorge of Deception![C-W]
Episode 16: Falcomon: Friend or Foe?![C-W]
Episode 17: Yoshi's Biggest Battle: The One With Herself[C-W]
Episode 18: The Clash With Merukimon![C-W]
Episode 19: The Truth About Keenan[C-W]
Episode 20: The Crier Family Reunion[C-W]
Episode 21: The Digimon Army Makes Its Move[C-W]
Episode 22: The Wrath of SaberLeomon[C-W]
Episode 23: One More Digital Drive[C-W]
Episode 24: The Past Revealed[C-W]
Episode 25: Kurata's Revenge[C-W]
Episode 26: Memory is the First Thing to Go![C-W]
Episode 27: The Beginning of the End![C-W]
Episode 28: Digivice Meltdown
Episode 29: How to Fix a Broken Digivice[C-W]
Episode 30: Journey to the Sacred City [C-W]
Episode 31: Showdown between Geniuses: Thomas vs. Nanami [C-W]
Episode 32: The Sacred City's Last Stand! [C-W]
Episode 33: The Final Bio-Hybrid Battle [C-W]
Episode 34: The Norstien Family Secret [C-W]
Episode 35: Kurata's Real Plan [C-W]
Episode 36: Awaken Belphemon [C-W]
Episode 37: The Battle with Belphemon [C-W]
Episode 38: The Power of The Burst Mode! [C-W]
Episode 39: King Drasil's Fatal Decision [C-W]
Episode 40: The Royal Knights Assemble [C-W]
Episode 41: Father and Son Destiny [C-W]
Episode 42: Thomas Bursts On The Scene
Episode 43: Justice Equals Power
Episode 44: Human Potential
Episode 45: A Family Quarrel
Episode 46: The Truth About BanchoLeomon!
Episode 47: The Data Squad's Final Battle!
Episode 48: The Ultimate Farewell! (FINAL)


Format: .mkv
Size: ~70 mb
Language: English Dub
501.There Are Monsters Among Us -
502.Marcus' Inner Strength -
503.The Return of Thomas! -
504.The New Team of Marcus and Thomas -
505.Digital World, Here We Come! -
506.The Ultimate Team No More -
507.A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget! -
508.The Singer's Secret -
509.Never Meet Your Heroes -
510.Curse This Curse -
511.The Vile of Vilemon! -
512.The Digi-Egg That Fell to Earth -
513.The Rise of RizeGreymon -
514.The Wild Boy of the Digital World -
515.The Gorge of Deception! -


Format: .mp4 / English Subs
Size: ~55 MB
Year: 2006-2007
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Shounen


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Post Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 2:04 pm    Post subject:
Woah...all the posts are from you lol...I'll try to watch one everytime I get on..I'm only on for like 2-3min so, yeah. Why does everyone I know in real life think Digimon is for little kids..they're retarded I guess. :/

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