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Post Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 4:59 pm    Post subject: Digimon Tamers [sub][dub]

Genres: action, adventure, comedy, drama, science fiction
Age rating: All Ages (Nothing objectionable)

Plot Summary: Takato Matsuda, Ruki Matsuno, and Lee Jenrya are children who have, by fate, recieved real Digimon, unlike the imaginary ones in the card game they play. Each of the children, or "Digimon Tamers", have their different views on how Digimon should be treated. But when other Digimon begin to appear around Japan, they must put aside their differences to fend off the digital intruders; even though Yamaki, who is the head of a secret organization called Hypnos is trying to eliminate all of the Digimon himself.

Audio: English
Format: avi
Size: 440 mb
Total # of Episodes: 51
Encoder: firefox247

Example of Quality:

301- Guilmon Comes Alive
302- Digimon, Digimon Everywhere
303- To Fight or Not to Fight
304- It Came From the Other Side
305- Dream a Little Dream
306- O Partner Where Art Thou
307- Now You See it Now You Don't
308- A Question of Trust
309- Not as Seen on TV
310- The Iceman Cometh
311- Much Ado About Musyamon
312- Divided They Stand
313- Juggernaut
314- Grow Mon Grow
315- Snakes, Trains and Digimon
316- Back to Nature, Back to Battle
317- Duel With the Deva
318- Digital Beauty
319- Impmon's Last Stand
320- Out of the Blue
321- Jeri's Quest
322- The Boar Wars
323- A World Apart
324- The Journey Begins
325- Brave New Digital World
326- Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure
327- Motorcycle Madness
328- Blame it on Ryo
329- Goliath
330- An Imperfect Storm
331- Kazu's Upgrade
332- Shibumi Speaks
333- Rabbit Transit
334- Lionheart
335- Give a Little Bit
336- The Battle Within
337- No Mon is an Island
338- Azulongmon Explains it all
339- Song of Sakuyamon
340- Janyu's Ark
341- Homeward Bound
342- Reunion
343- Beelzemon's Big Day
344- The Messenger
345- The D-Reaper's Disguise
346- When is a Mon Justimon
347- His Kingdom for a Horse
348- Shadow of the Beast King
349- The D-Reaper's Feast
350- Jeri Fights Back
351- Such Sweet Sorrow


Size : ~70Mb
Audio : Japanese With English Sub ... s_-_01.wmv ... s_-_02.mkv ... s_-_03.mkv ... s_-_04.mkv ... s_-_05.mkv ... s_-_06.mkv ... s_-_07.mkv ... s_-_08.mkv ... s_-_09.mkv ... s_-_10.mkv ... s_-_11.mkv ... s_-_12.mkv ... s_-_13.mp4 ... s_-_14.mp4 ... s_-_15.mp4 ... s_-_16.mkv ... s_-_17.mkv ... s_-_18.mkv ... s_-_19.mkv ... s_-_20.mkv ... s_-_21.mp4 ... s_-_22.mkv ... s_-_23.mkv ... s_-_24.mp4 ... s_-_25.mp4 ... s_-_26.mkv ... s_-_27.mp4 ... s_-_28.mp4 ... s_-_29.mkv ... s_-_30.mkv ... s_-_31.mkv ... s_-_32.mp4 ... s_-_33.mkv ... s_-_34.mkv ... s_-_35.mkv

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Joined: Tue Jun 07, 2005 8:01 am
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Post Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 9:32 am    Post subject:
Direct Links: ... N%20TAMERS

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