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so a blonde walks into a barber shop to get a haicut and has a head set on but the barber says you need to take off the headset but she say i need it on but the barber explanes why she cant have them on so the blonde takes off her head set and gets a haircut when the barber is done she relizes the blonde is dead then she listens to the head set she was listening to and all she hears is breathe in and breathe out

so three blondes are stranded in canada and a fairy comes down to grant them each a wish the first blonde wishes that she was 25x's smarter and swims all the the way to the U.S. the second blonde wishes she was 50x's smarter and takes a boat to the united states. The third blonde wishes she was 100x's smarter and just walks across the border line

A brunette was sitting in the middle of a road, chanting "87... 87... 87..." Then a blonde walks up and says,"What are you doing?" The brunette says:"Im playng a game, want to join me?" The blonde joins in, and they chant:
"87... 87... 87..."
Then a car drives by and hits the blonde!
Then the brunette chants,"88... 88... 88".

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