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Post Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:19 pm    Post subject: Perrin's Labyrinth
I've just made a new version due to the complaints of noobs who use software rendering.

The arena in which I constructed the previous maze cause software rendering to glitch. The floor and ceiling looked jet black, as if nothing were there at all, and the number of walls caused texture glitches, meaning the textures on the walls changed at strobe light rates as you walked threw the maze, and could probably cause an epileptic seizure.

So, I removed both challs2.dis buildings and replaced them with 32 iblock.dis and 4 newdam.dis buildings. This made a 256x256 box (same size as the mission area) instead of an 544 diameter octagonal room, which means I didn't have to create as many walls to fill the space.

I also revised the code, instead of spawning all the walls randomly at the start of the mission, they are randomly spawned once and saved in the mission, and everytime a player approaches the objective they trigger a random wall to move. Since the walls are now saved in the mis file, and their pivot points are stored as their names, the grid of markers is no longer needed. So I cut down the amount of InteriorShapes from over 500 to under 200.

The mission loads much faster, the graphics don't glitch at all (except the command map), and I added 2 bots per team.
team0 has Minotaur and MickyMouse, while team1 has Asterion and MiniMouse. I may add some AI code in the future that spawns the mice in light armor and the bull-men in heavy armor, and possibly some code that randomly sets waypoints for them.

Download the new software friendlier version here:
Download the old psychodelic version here:

Here is a 1 minute clip of the last version. (Note: Observers cannot see into the maze from outside anymore, they must fly inside to see the action).

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